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We are a family owned modern and retro video game store. 

We are gamers first with a love & respect for the gaming community.


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Trade in your old video games and turn used video games into cash or credit!

We are accepting trades at upcoming conventions: Jet City Comic Show and Retro City Festival.

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We are all wrapped up for events in 2017.

We look forward to seeing you again in 2018.

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Be on the look out for coupon codes when our product is featured on the YouTube sites for Rigg'd Games and RGT85! - Patreon subscribers will receive an extra bonus!


We're working on a deal right now that will bring lots of new products to the Castle. We will be clearing house to make room. We will be stocking new games and a wider selection of accessories. As always If we wouldn't put it in our collections it won't go on the site. So good stuff :)


We look forward to answering your questions!