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Ultra CD RAM Cart (Sega CD/Mega CD)

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Pre-Order Note:
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Pre-order ship dates are estimates and subject to change.
Clear (Genesis style cart) will ship mid-April
Black (Genesis/ Mega Drive style cart) is estimated to ship mid-May
*we will update the support page with specific dates as we get closer

The Sega CD Backup RAM Cart is compatible with all regional variants of the Sega CD / Mega CD Model 1 and 2. The following consoles / console combinations have been confirmed working with the Sega CD Backup RAM Cart*.


  • Genesis Model 1 + Sega CD Model 1 or Model 2
  • Genesis Model 2 + Sega CD Model 1 or Model 2
  • Megadrive Model 1 + Mega CD Model 1 or Model 2
  • Megadrive Model 2 + Mega CD Model 1 or Model 2
  • Sega CDX
  • Sega CDX + 32X
  • Sega Multimega
  • JVC X’eye

*the current run with clear carts has standard Genesis shells without the side-notch for Mega Drive consoles. Future runs will have this, but you may need to remove the PCB from the shell to use this on your Meg Drive console.


  • 8189 Blocks ( 4 Mbits ) of save memory
    • Battery should last approximately 13 years – This is not guaranteed however, other factors such as dirt, humidity, etc… can adversely affect battery life.
  • CR2450 Lithium Battery
    • Replaceable without soldering