MakeMHz XboxHD+ are headed back to the Castle!

The MakeMHz XboxHD+ is headed back to the Castle!

The 1.6 console variants are now in-stock and the 1.0-1.5's will be here again soon! If you missed out on the last round, now is your chance to grab one. 

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The first and only purely digital video output mod for the original Microsoft Xbox. Video is captured directly off of the pixel data bus from the GPU, encoded, and sent directly to your HD TV with no added external interpolation or frame-buffering for a crystal clear, no added lag, video output.

But pixel-perfect video isn't all the XboxHD+ offers. Audio is captured from the Xbox's digital SPDIF audio and output over the HDMI connector, and with the correct receiver allow for 5.1 Dolby Digital audio on select games.