Commando [5 Screw] (NES)

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Condtion Guide:

New - In the condition it was when it left the factory
Like New - Has no flaws, but is not new.
Great - has a few small flaws, but is in overall great condition. Boxed games are complete with manual, sleave and foam block.
Average - shows signs of wear including scuffs. Boxed games may be missing its manual.
Fair - shows obvious, distracting flaws, scuffs, scratches. Boxed games may be missing its manual.
Poor - is damaged in some way including broken pieces.

*Loose games are sold loose. Dust sleeves and manuals are sold separatly when available. 

Commando – “Super Joe” and your skill on a highly secret mission… challenging the Evil Empire Army in fierce guerrilla warfare. Super Joe and your skill – Armed only with Super Joe’s rifle and unlimited ammunition, plus a hand grenade that requires replenishing. Your assignment… find and destroy;… stopping attempts to dominate the world’s population and resources. You must skillfully control Super Joe’s venture into a deep, unexplored jungle region. Surprisingly, you and Super Joe find the enemy behind iron walls, on bridges to cross, in trucks and Jeeps that try to ram Super Joe. Can Super Joe and you carry out this reckless, almost impossible mission?