XStation Optical Discdrive Emulator (ODE) Mod Kit - CastleMania Games
XStation Optical Discdrive Emulator (ODE) Mod Kit - CastleMania Games
XStation Optical Discdrive Emulator (ODE) Mod Kit - CastleMania Games
XStation Optical Discdrive Emulator (ODE) Mod Kit - CastleMania Games

XStation Optical Discdrive Emulator (ODE) Mod Kit

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There is an industry wide shortage on the type of corrugated boxes we use for the retail xStation box. In the meantime we are using plain white boxes shown below (image 3)

SD Card mount info:
If you intend to use a 3D print SD card mount, please be aware that you should file/ bevel the edge a little as shown in picture 4. This is considered a best practice in preventing damaging to the slot pins. The SD card standards demand a beveled edge (and every standard card has it). New kits will come beveled however you should inspect your unit before installing. If your xStation is installed with the SD extender already you do not need to change anything. If you have a reason to open your system we'd suggest adding the SD Clamp and if you have reason to remove the xStation and put it back in we'd advise that you bevel the SD extender. There is no reason to open your console though only to do these things.
Warranty Disclaimer:
For orders placed after February 25th 2021 we will no longer accept returns/ exchanges as the problem is not with the xStation, but an out of spec add-on. 
For orders placed before February 25th exchanges will be reviewed on a case by case basis. 

The XStation can be installed in SCPH-100x, SCPH-5xxx and some SCPH-700x series consoles. Specifically, motherboard models that are supported are: - PU-7* - PU-8* - PU-18.
  • PU-7 and the early PU-8 are possible to support, these QSB's are still in the works however and will be sold separately at a later time.
  • Early SCPH-700x models come with either a PU-18 or PU-20 motherboard. Please check before purchasing. PU-20 is NOT supported.
  • Net Yaroze and other special models are potentially compatible but have not been tested.

Replacement QSB's can be purchased separately here

Launch Features
  • Full compatibility with the PlayStation 1 library.
  • Full Redump drag and drop support
  • Multi-disc support and easy swapping
  • Return to the Loader by holding the reset button for 1 second
  • PS1Digital Compatibility and IGR support through PS1Digital’s OSD menu
  • microSD cards of any size are supported
  • ExFAT and FAT32 support
  • Simple drag and drop card setup
  • Supports .iso, ccd/img, cue/bin (single and multiple)
  • Integrated PSNee, for automatic region-free operation
  • Automatic 50/60Hz switching
  • Loading times are a little faster than an original drive in good condition.
  • Easy firmware updates by simply dragging and dropping an update file to your microSD card.
  • No registration necessary for updates, ability to revert to a previous firmware.

Upcoming Features

  • Over-the-air updates with the use of the integrated Wi-Fi module
  • Selective dither enable/disable per game on-the-fly
  • Further use of the wireless capabilities possible
    • Install video here. (beta build)
    • Official user guide here.
    • Official install guide here.

    Recommended Installers can be found here.