The Last of Us Vol. Two (Original Soundtrack) - Vinyl [LP]
The Last of Us Vol. Two (Original Soundtrack) - Vinyl [LP]

The Last of Us Vol. Two (Original Soundtrack) - Vinyl [LP]

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Artist: Gustavo Santaolalla
Title: The Last of Us Vol. Two (Original Soundtrack)
Product Type: VINYL LP

Mondo is proud to present Volume Two of the long-awaited re-issue of the original soundtrack Naughty Dog’s 2013 video game, THE LAST OF US.

Included on over 240 ‘Game of the Year’ lists, Naughty Dog’s survival-horror masterpiece features a soundtrack that rivals some of greatest film scores of the last 10 years. Fact Magazine has listed the soundtrack as the #3 Best Video Game soundtrack of all time.


  • This 2XLP reissue, with original artwork by Sam Wolfe Connelly, features all 25 tracks from ‘Volume Two’ of the soundtrack
  • Pressed on black vinyl


  1. The Quarantine Zone (20 Years Later)

  2. The Hour

  3. The Last Of Us

  4. Forgotten Memories

  5. The Outbreak

  6. Vanishing Grace

  7. The Hunters

  8. All Gone

  9. Vanishing Grace (Innocence)

  10. By Any Means

  11. The Choice

  12. Smugglers

  13. The Last Of Us (Never Again)

  14. The Last Of Us (Goodnight)

  15. I Know What You Are

  16. Home

  17. Infected

  18. All Gone (Aftermath)

  19. The Last Of Us (A New Dawn)

  20. All Gone (No Escape)

  21. Vanishing Grace (Childhood)

  22. The Path

  23. All Gone (Alone)

  24. Blackout

  25. The Way It Was

  26. Breathless

  27. The Last Of Us (You And Me)

  28. All Gone (The Outside)

  29. The Path (A New Beginning)

  30. Returning

Playing this record is recommended on a high quality player with anti-skate features. Other things you can try to help with skipping if you can’t adjust the anti-skate: Make sure your record player is perfectly flat - use a level tool to check it If you can’t get it flat simply by placement, try putting index cards beneath the feet of the turntable to adjust.