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Retro Fighters Brawler64 Next Gen N64 Controller Smoke Gray

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Retro Fighters changed some things to make the N64 controller more ergonomic and a new modern way to play. First, Retro Fighters added a very comfortable modern analog stick. Retro Fighters also made the "C" buttons slightly larger for games that use the "C" buttons for more than just camera angles, i.e. Smash Brothers, etc. 

The shape of the controller is very comfortable and fits naturally in both hands with easy access to all the buttons.

Retro Fighters added two "Z" buttons and repositioned them right below the shoulder buttons, this allows to use either your right or left hand to use the "Z" button. A turbo button was added for games where you might need a little extra help. The D-pad features zero "deadzone" or sensitivity/response issues. 

Finally, Retro Fighters got rid of the 3 prong N64 controller design, a new modern and comfortable way to play your favorite N64 games!

The analog stick features an octagonal gate and no sensitivity issues.


*Memory Cards and Rumble Paks are fully compatible. 

*Transfer Paks are not.