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Music Hall Aztec Blue cork turntable mat

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The aztec blue mat reduces noise and lets the music flow.

How does this work? The secret is the unique design of the mat. 3 distinct layers of cork work in concert to decouple the record from the platter and isolate it from vibration. The large bottom layer grips the platter, providing a perfect non-resonant base for the upper spoke-style layer that lifts and separates eight isolation platforms. A single cork center that supports the record label and the isolation platforms around the outer edge of the mat decouple and float the record above the platter. This lowers record vibration and reduces acoustic feedback. Stylus tracking is improved and record wear reduced.

Cork is the perfect material. It sucks up unwanted vibrations and releases the life and energy of the music. It’s naturally non-static and non-adhesive making the mat perfectly safe for use on all platters, and it won’t harm your records. Cork grips the record better than felt so there’s less record slippage and fewer timing errors. The mat is thin, lightweight, and generally doesn’t require a VTA adjustment. Listen for yourself, the improvement is easy to hear.

The aztec blue mat reduces noise and lets the music flow. Try the it and amp-up the sound of your vinyl!