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Motokazu Shinoda Demon City Shinjuku (Original Score)

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Title: Demon City Shinjuku (Original Score)
Label: Tiger Lab Vinyl
Product Type: VINYL LP

Tiger Lab Vinyl is proud to present the full score to the classic 80s anime, DEMON CITY SHINJUKU by Motokazu Shinoda. This is the first time the score is available in any format.DEMON CITY SHINJUKU was a staple for anime newbies during the Japanamiation era. This OVA aired weekly during the Sci-Fi channel?s Saturday Anime feature in the 90s, and became a classic gateway film for anime and horror fans alike.Until now, the score has been stored-unreleased-in the Japan Home Video archives. Tiger Lab Vinyl worked with Japan Home Video to bring Mr. Shinoda?s beautiful synth score to the public. Remastered for vinyl, this is the first time the score, along with all it's cues in entirety, can be heard.

1.1 Theme of Kyoya/?
1.2 Theme of Demon City/?
1.3 Main Theme of Demon City/?
1.4 Theme of Old Man Ray/?
1.5 Theme of Ashura/Ashura?
1.6 Theme of Kyoya?Main Theme?Ending
1.7 Sayaka/?
1.8 Theme of Lar/?
1.9 Any Other Goblins/?Bara
1.10 Music5_M-9A
1.11 Demon City Shinjuku SFX Suite
1.12 Music1 M1B
1.13 Music1 M1D
1.14 Music1 M2B
1.15 Music2 M2C
1.16 Music2 M2D
1.17 Music2 M2E
1.18 Music2 M2F
1.19 Music3 M6A
1.20 Music3 M6B
1.21 Music4 M7B
1.22 Music4 M7C
1.23 Music4 M8B
1.24 Music4 M8C
1.25 Music5 M9B
1.26 Music5 M9C
1.27 Music5 M9D
1.28 Music5 M10A
1.29 Music5 M10B
1.30 Music5 M10C
1.31 Music5 M10D
1.32 Music5 M10E
1.33 Music5 M10F
1.34 Music5 M10G
1.35 Music5 M10H
1.36 Music5 M10I
1.37 Music5 M10J
1.38 Music5 M10K
1.39 Music5 M10L