Gamecube Swiss Memory Card

+ SD2SP2
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This card is formatted for NTSC consoles only

Looking for a convenient way to boot Swiss while keeping your system stock?

This memory card doubles as your loader for Swiss. Boot in with Windwaker and disc swap from there to take advantage of everything Swiss has to offer!

  • Requires the Windwaker disc to boot Swiss

  • 128 MB of storage

  • Professional-grade construction

The SD2SP2 is recommended for use with the Swiss card. 

The SD2SP2 PCB allows a microSD card to plug into Serial Port 2 on your GameCube.

SD2SP2 is supported by the latest Swiss update from Extrems and Emukidid. 

*Before purchasing please ensure your GameCube has a Serial Port 2
*SD card is not included. The SD card needs to be formatted FAT32 and the maximum size supported by Swiss is 2TB.
*Manufactured with PCB thickness of 1.2mm and enig plating.

Special thanks and credit to

Extrems and Emukidid for Swiss

FIX94 for the boot logic