Gamecube DOL 101 Digital Port Upgrade Kit

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This kit replaces the analog port on DOL-101 Gamecubes with a 3D printed digital port.  This allows the use of official component cables, PRISM component cables and plug in HD adapters on the analog only Gamecubes. 

You must have good soldering skills to be able to install this kit. Please watch the video and make sure you have the ability to install the kit. We have listed modders below for your convenience.

A 3.5mm jack is also included so analog audio and composite video can pulled when using official component cables.  If you would like to use composite video you will need an adapter like this with left/ right RCA cables like this.

Kit contents:

  • Custom Flex Cable
  • Top PCB Board
  • Bottom PCB Board
  • FFC Cable
  • 2mm Screw and Nut
  • 3D Printed drill guide (To aid in drilling 3.5mm jack hole)
  • 3D Printed Digital Port (PETG Black Color)

Recommended Installers can be found here.