Friday The 13th: The Game Ultimate Slasher Edition

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This definitive collection includes Single player missions, Virtual Cabin 2.0, all kills for Jason, New Maps, New Counselors, New playable Jason's, Matches with AI Bots, all Clothing Packs & More. - Includes all previously released DLC and Retail Disc Exclusive Content on the disc. - With maps spanning multiple iconic locations from the movie franchise; play online as either Jason Voorhees or a Camp Counselor trying to survive the night. The choice is yours! - Play as various incarnations of Jason Voorhees as depicted in the films. - Level up and unlock new playable Counselors or Jason models.
  • Item Number: SWI UIE 79070
  • Format: Nintendo+Switch
  • Language:
  • Rating: M for Mature
  • Online Play: No
  • VR Enabled: N/A
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Release Date: 2019-08-13
  • Prebook Date: 2019-07-11