Bards Tale IV: Directors Cut

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The bard's tale IV: barrows deep is the triumphant return of one of the most iconic RPG series of all-time. Delve into a tactically rich combat system that rewards creativity, solve puzzles to gain treasure and advantages, and discover a beautifully crafted world. - Hidden in the shadows, an evil has waited patiently. Until now. Who will face the darkness if not you? - A heroic adventure featuring 40+ hours of gameplay - Define the way you play, using sliders on numerous options such as saving (including ''save anywhere''), the mini-map, way point markers and many more. - Play as bard, Fighter, practitioner, and Rogue, each featuring 60-70 skills and collectively unlocking 21 unique classes. - Start your party with a single character, Recruiting or creating new heroes to bolster your ranks. Build a party that Suits your play style!
  • Item Number: XB1 UIE 01307
  • Format: XBOX+ONE
  • Language:
  • Rating: T for Teen
  • Online Play: No
  • VR Enabled: N/A
  • Genre: RPG
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Release Date: 2019-10-11
  • Prebook Date: 2019-09-12