Paradise Killer - Vinyl [2LP] | CastleMania Games
Paradise Killer - Vinyl [2LP] - CastleMania Games
Paradise Killer - Vinyl [2LP] - CastleMania Games
Paradise Killer - Vinyl [2LP] - CastleMania Games

Paradise Killer - Vinyl [2LP]

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Artist: Barry “Epoch” Topping
Title: Paradise Killer (Original Soundtrack)
Product Type: (choose) VINYL LP, CD

Black Screen Records and Kaizen Game Works have teamed up to release Barry “Epoch” Topping’s vibrant funky synth/vaporwave soundtrack to the open-world adventure game Paradise Killer on limited edition vinyl early next year. Barry’s incredible soundtrack will be available on 180g clear vinyl and comes in a beautiful 80s anime & city pop-inspired artwork by Mizucat with additional art and layout by Kaizen Game Works, Barry Topping and Dane Baudoin.

The sounds of Paradise. The music of a cosmic dream. Tunes from another reality. The tempo of the crime to end all crimes. The beat of long-dead alien gods. The playlist of the investigation freak. Let the music take you away to Paradise. Feel the sun scorching your skin. Smell unbearably hot concrete. Savor the sweet taste of crime committed on a tropical island in another reality. Remember when we danced along the beach? Along the streets of Paradise? You made me this mixtape on the roof of your apartment block. We stared at the moon. You said you’d kill the moon. I didn’t believe you. I was wrong.


  1. Paradise (Stay Forever)
  3. Lady Blue
  4. Midori Eyes
  5. Breeze With U
  6. The Lemegeton Bop
  7. Knife & Crystal
  8. EGO 24-7
  9. Last Dance XX
  10. Sunset Song
  11. To The Heart
  12. 17.00 - Under Red Skies
  13. House of Bliss
  14. Headlights on the Shore
  15. 8th Street Rose
  16. Leaving
  17. End of the World
  18. Welcome
  19. The Plateau
  20. The Sarcophagus
  21. Temple of Tears
  22. Idle Lands
  23. Transit [Empyrean]
  24. Transit [Perdition]

    Playing this record is recommended on a high quality player with anti-skate features. Other things you can try to help with skipping if you can’t adjust the anti-skate: Make sure your record player is perfectly flat - use a level tool to check it If you can’t get it flat simply by placement, try putting index cards beneath the feet of the turntable to adjust.