Retro-Bit x SEGA announce Genesis Mini 6-button USB controller!!!

The iconic SEGA Genesis console returns in a slick, miniaturized form along with two classic 3-button control pads... but what about the six button control pad? In partnership with Retro-Bit SEGA is offering an official companion controller that has the genuine look, feel and performance of the original to use with your SEGA Genesis Mini!
Is this the same controller as the Japanese release is getting?
No, the original six button controller released in Japan was smaller than the one released in North America. The Japan release of the Mini will include the smaller six button controller(s) whereas the North American release will include the original three-button.
How is this controller different than the Genesis USB controller Retro-Bit just released?
The USB Genesis controllers that were just released had a few quality of life improvements with the re-positioned mode button and added L/R buttons. The new Genesis Mini version is true to the original design and does have the added benefit of also working with the Nintendo Switch.
Will the USB controllers Retro-Bit just released work on the Genesis Mini?
Yes, both the Genesis and Saturn USB controllers will work with the Genesis Mini.
When are these expected to ship?
These are expected to ship in August 2019 and are available to pre-order here.